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Behave As If Every Prospect is a VIP Customer

In Sales, the way you Treat Your Prospects, and Your Mindset doing that Are Two very important factors in Selling you products!

From time to time, even the experienced Sales people make wrong assumptions about a prospect’s willingness or ability to buy.
This mistake costs the loss of many good sales and long term relationships with prospects that has the potential of becoming customers.
The more your know about a prospect, the better chance of you making a good guess of their buying probability.

Selling Face to Face / Over The Phone

If you are Do your homework on their prior purchases and their previous service providers and what they currently use, you will get a sense of their spending habits.
If you cannot find enough background information, make a close Observation of what they have in their office, and if you can use that visual information to build an assessment of their spending.
If it is a Face to Face session, Observe the Decision Makers: See what they are Wearing: Attire, Watch, Shoes, Bags, Glasses … That will tell you that in person what kind of spender they are.
But even with all of that Observation and Visual Assessment:

Treating Prospects with all the Respect and Attention that a VIP Customer receives from you and your team, will not only give them an idea of how you treat your clients, but also puts them in the mindset of actually being a valued customer and rises your chance of Closing significantly!

Selling Online:

As an Online marketer, running a Live Webinar session, you don’t have the luxury of seeing any of your prospects, or being able to effectively do any background checks on them.
You will need to show that you are respecting their time and their financial concerns by using a good copy – aka presentation material – that is to the point, covers the most common objections that they may have, and also gives them payment options.
If you are an Advanced Online Marketer, who is now calling Prospects for his / her Masterclass or Coaching program, then the One-on-One communication now allows you to do background checks and also observing the person and background in a live Video session to make a better guess of their buying habits.

Respect Sells To The Toughest of Prospect!


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