How To Find, Target and Engage Your Ultimate Online Clients


Learn to Find, Target and Convert Online Prospects into your Long term Clients, using the Top-6-Figure’s “Catch & Release” Customer Avatar Practice.

This is an upgraded targeting approach that does not leak prospects out of its funnels (Funnel leaks are damaging sales and are happening everywhere to many Online marketers as we speak!)

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Your business (whether it is now just an idea in your head) or if it is has a product and looking for sales, needs clients to survive and grow.
The Post-2008 Online era “Gurus” taught their students that they needed to find their customers through what is called a “Customer Avatar” practice, which essentially means:
(1) You need to decide who would be your target client, and (2) figure out where they hang out and (3) try to grab their attention and target them for selling your products.
It even worked solid for the first few years.

You may ask, okay what’s wrong with that? It seems simple and practical enough right?

And my response would be: It is simple indeed, and whoever have completed that will tell you that it is difficult to implement at first but then you just keep hitting the same hang out area targeting the same kind of clients and that is not difficult.

Then they may also be kind enough to also share with you their “growing pain”:

… that for some unknown reason, this approach has lost its effectiveness and even though the prospects are still the same and their hang out places have not changed, the number of responses have been on the decline and less and less are converting into paying customers. 
And that is where the Top-6-Figure’s “Catch and Release” system will save that leaking funnel from losing prospects:
This system is based on 4 steps that you need to complete to implement your conversion system (The first 3 steps are similar to the “Gurus” Customer Avatar practice (plus a secret sauce added), but it also has a step 4 that would be the difference between your business that will grow up to the top, versus others that either won’t grow or die out of starvation:

Step One: “Decide” on Who you want to be your ultimate target audience (what should be the catch of this Fishing campaign?)

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Finding Clients
Note that I didn’t say “Find” who you want to work with! I said “Decide” since in this current market size of multi-billion online prospect, it is much more difficult to “Decide” than just go and randomly find someone.
In this step, you need to do a bit of a homework and decide who you are going to attract to your business.
There are two traps in this step that can easily kill your efforts and sink your business like a torpedoed ship!

1. Trap #1: Not focusing on “ONE AND ONLY ONE” kind of Client.

Trying to cover more than one kind of client, in the early days of kick starting your business, is too risky and can stretch your resources (and your advertising budget) too thin, to the level of missing your target audience!
No matter how tempting and attractive it is to come up with an all covering solution to help everyone, the Stone Cold truth is that you do not have the resources to help everyone!
So LET GO !!! … Choose only one sector of the market that you can effectively address their problems and save them from their pain points!
To get a mental image of your target audience and their existence, try to picture:
1. What do they want to achieve in life or business (their ultimate goals in personal or professional life).
2. What is keeping them from achieving those goals (their top 5 pain point).
3. What would get them out of the bed every morning (if they didn’t have to go to work)? aka: What is their highest passion in life?
4. What would be the characteristics of such a person (what would he / she look like, wear, eat, enjoy …): This one is not a showstopper – you can continue without it – but will add flavor to your targeting systems later down the road and would add more taste to your baits when fishing for them! (I will explain below).

2. Trap #2: Focusing on developing your “Product” instead of identifying that “ONE AND ONLY ONE” kind of Client.

Avoid focusing on “Product” instead of Client! You need to snipe out the right Clients and sell them a “Solution to their Problems”.
So before baking that cake and start looking for people who want to have a bite, make sure you know what kind of Cake you need to bake and what has to be in it before you try to sell it.
Any of these two traps can turn your life into a nightmare, to the point that you may want to shut down your business and through the key into the river just to stop the grueling pain of having to deal with your daily headaches of being pulled from too many sides and having to deal with the wrong clients or even worse having no client at all!

Step Two: Find The Right Fishing Spot for your Ultimate Catches

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Fishing Prospects

Now that you have “Decided” on What kind of Client you want to catch, and have developed a mental image of their needs, desires and problems, it is time to figure out where you should focus your efforts in finding them.
The mental picture that you had created and the additional information you created around it is going to help you make better guesses on where to start:
You know that you are looking for Online prospects, and Social Media is where you can find the majority of your clients regardless what they are interested in, or what they want to achieve.
 Start your search on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and find out which groups or listings they subscribe to or follow. You need to also use search engines and find forums, blogs, newsletters and even the websites these people visit at least a few times a week.

Step Three: Identify What Would be The Ultimate Benefit (Outcome) They Get From Using Your Solution?

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Ultimate Goal
Up to this point, you have “Decided” on who you want to have as your Ultimate Clients, and have found “Where” they hang out.
Now is the time to make sure you have a clear Vision of What are they expected to Achieve through you!
We are not talking about what they are going to buy from you – which is your product – but what is that product going to achieve for them.
That is as if you have asked them directly: “If you could rid of your top two pains in life, what would they be?”
For example, if you are in Healthy Nutrition business, your product can be variety of Food Supplements or Vitamins or Essential Oils and … but the ACHIEVEMENT they get out of it is Not going to be Food Supplement or Essential Oils!
These are only the means to an end, which in this case can be “Improving Their General Health”  or “Raising Their Energy Levels” or “Reducing Excess Weight”.
Identifying the expected Achievement and End Result will give you a clear picture of what your solution should created for your customer and that also help you price your solution correctly.
For example (and I am just giving you an idea of how this works): If your solution is going to make your client an additional  $500,000 in annual sales (and you have proven yourself in the market for a while), then it may be fair to structure your solution to charge $20,000 upfront and get 7% of Sales of the First year.

Step Four: Choose the right Bait for the right Fish!

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Using the Right Bait
Now that you have “Decided” on who you want to have as your Ultimate Clients, and have found “Where” they hang out, and Got a good idea of What is their Ultimate Achievement or Gain from going with you, it is time to choose the right bait or magnet to attract them to your business.
The right bait should be something that your identified ultimate client would LOVE to have!
In fact if you have done a good job in the other Steps, what you make at this Step as your bait will be something that your clients would feel that they would have happily paid for that bait! and now trading their contact information to get it for FREE sounds like a great HOT DEAL for them.

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Hot Deal

In Online marketing terms we call that your “Lead Magnet”. The Magnetic bait that your Ultimate client would happily trade his / her contact Email address to get a copy of.
The form of Lead Magnet would depend on:
1. The type of Business you run (for example, if you are teaching something, then a downloadable PDF file, or a video to watch or download may be a good choice, but if you run a nutrition supplement business, then you may want to send free samples as your lead magnet) 
2. The budget you have for Lead Magnet (if you are running on a shoe string level of budget, then cheapest way would be a soft copy that they would like to get their hands on, If you have higher budget, you may want to send them a printed book or samples in the mail)
Either way, DO NOT FORGET to:
1. Collect Their Email addresses!
For that you need a page – called Landing Page or Opt-in Page (I will explain more on this later, and show you how to make them and use them)- where you show them some short information on what they are about to receive and a way to get their email address (and probably their name or more contact information if it is really needed for the Lead Magnet.
This is an example of a Landing Page (Opt-in page):

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Sample OptinHere when the prospect clicks on the yellow button, a pop up window shows asking for an email address to send the download link (or the PDF file) to. This would be the same email address you will use later to communicate with your prospect.

For example if you are sending free samples then you need their shipping address and name as well, while if they are supposed to download a file, you just really need their email address.
Remember, the less information you ask them to provide, the better chance you have in actually getting them. With the constant threat of identity theft and email spams, people have enough stress when providing their email address!
2. Follow up with them with the following:
A “Thank You” email which would congratulate them on taking this step forward to get familiar with your services and products (and tell them what they should expect next; For example if they are going to receive free sample, it can let them know how long it will take to be shipped and how long it may take to get to their address. If they are going to download something, the link for download can be in the Thank You email, or in cases where that email comes from another service, it can let them know that the link will be sent to them shortly).
A Sequence of Emails that you will send to their inbox on a certain interval to introduce yourself in an “Authoritative” manner and provide some additional free valuable information and within a few days start suggesting they may want to follow on their studies (or usage of product) by taking the next step and committing to buy something or subscribing into a service.
You can read more about the sequence and what types of email trails are used and how you can use them to get action from your prospects, in more future posts.
This would be a very important opportunity for you to up-sell your products and services and leverage their initial interest into engaging them in an Effective Communication that would convert them into your long term clients!


Dr. Adam Kamran

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