How To See Behind Your Prospects Happy Mask


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By default, Prospects try to Cover Up the Pain Points they have with their Current Products or Service Providers by Faking a Happy Face!

Humans are Proud and Egoistic beings! They do NOT want to Admit to their Old Mistakes in front of Someone they barely know.

No matter how much they “LOVE” their Current Products / Services, there are always quite a few Pain Points that were either NEVER SOLVED by the Current Products / Service, or were Created AS A RESULT of the existing Products / Service!

Regardless of Selling Online or In-person (Face to Face or Over the Phone), in many cases your Prospects may start telling you a number of reasons why they like their current Product or Service Provider and that They are quite happy!
You should expect this to happen and do not feel taken off-guard or feel upset or hopeless!
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In cases like this try to avoid the trap of trying to PUSH your Solution to them by taking a chance against the fee they currently pay or the features they have, and saying something that would put you in a position of “PROVE YOURSELF OR PERISH” and losing the Sale:
Do Not Say something like this:
“Joe, if I could show to you how my [Product / Service] is [Cheaper / Better / More Available / Has More Features …], wouldn’t that be reasonable for you to switch over to us?”
This WRONG approach, not only puts you in a weak position of Proving Yourself [in a losing match against a competition you barely even know] and getting kicked out, but also would label you as “Just Another Seller!”.
This is a common reaction among low grade Sellers and creates something that would kill the Sale: Sales Pressure
The Prospect would block you off and avoid reading your Emails, or will ask you to Call at a later time and then never pick the phone up again and you will end up with another lost Sale!

Nurture Their Ego, Sound Like an Advisor, and Sell like a Boss!

Let me show you how to turn this around to your benefit and come out as a “Trust” worthy “Advisor”:
After they have given you their short lecture of their “Lovey Dovey” relationship with what they currently have .. Engage them in such a conversation:
Joe Prospect: “I am very happy with [Product / Service Provider] since I [bought / signed] and it has worked great for me!”
You: “This is very good … May I ask you Joe, what are the features of [Product / Service Provider] that you like most?”
Joe Prospect: “Well the [Product / Service] has … and …, and I especially like …”
You: “Joe, it looks like things are in a good shape on your side … Would there be anythingĀ  you would have liked to change or improve, if it was possible?”
With this soft approach, you have allowed their Ego to run its play and settle down and now you are getting their minds to remember all things they DO NOT LIKE about their current situation, esp. about the New Paint Points that may have been introduced into their life or business after they got the new product or service.
You have also had a good chance of noting down what the competition has provided to your Prospect that they like most!
At this point, almost everyone opens up about their un-resolved problems and what has been bothering them behind that happy mask.
This time you know a good deal about what features you need to beat and what paint points you must try to resolve to get their business!

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