Fear These 7 Sales Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business


Avoid these Fatal Sales Mistakes (Online or InStore) that can kill your revenue and scatter your clients!

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Fatal Mistake #1: Not Getting Live Feedback From Prospects

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Fear of hearing something you don’t like, can hold you back from asking your prospects how they evaluate your presented solution right in the middle of talking (or presenting) to them.
You should look at this practice as a “Trust” building exercise as it shows prospects that 
(1) You Care for their opinions and are ready to address their Concerns and Doubts!
(2) You Believe in your own Solution.
(3) You are Flexible and Open To Constructive Criticism.
(4) They Can Openly Communicate with You On Anything Bothering Them.
Take this Golden Opportunity to show them you are the “Trust” worthy “Authority” in your field by asking them How they feel about your Solution, the Features it comes with, the Pricing …
You may also use this window to get information about their current service providers (or competition’s products that they use).

Fatal Mistake #2: Trying To Sell Your Product, Instead of Solving Their Problems

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Product or Solution
As we discussed in the my previous post: How To Find, Target and Engage Your Ultimate Online Clients, (under Step 3), Your should identify what is the ultimate achievement of your client by going through what you have to offer, before even offering anything.
People and Businesses pay to SOLVE their PROBLEMS!  


Prospects DON’T CARE about You or Your Business or even Your Product!

All They care about is Getting Rid of their Own Pain Points and as long as this is what you are Selling, you will be making progress and raising your sales!

Fatal Mistake #3: Letting The Price Run The Show

Two mistakes can give the control to Price and turn the entire selling into a stressful challenge where you end up with no sales or having to cut through your revenue!

Mistake #1: Turning the Price into a Distraction

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Price As A Thriller

Price is always a stressful subject. Both for your prospects who are expected to pay it up, and you who is expected to bring it up and defend it!
But not providing the price early enough into the conversation and letting the Price stay as a mystery while forcing the prospects to watch your entire presentation with the price question hanging above their heads would stress them so much that midway through your beautiful and well composed presentation they are distracted away by the nagging price question.
If you are presenting this at the prospects’ location or over the phone, sooner or later they will interrupt you and ask for the price. This interruption would take away your opportunity to cook the price up to the needed softness through your step by step presentation of the great features of your product and will start a debate and argue on the cost being too high.
If you are presenting Online, you should NOT drag your prospects to the end of a 45-60 minute presentation without introducing the price to them and letting them just focus on “Why Your Product is Worth That Much”.
It is fine at this point to follow the “Price Build Up” model to start showing them all of the components they will get, one by one, priced individually, and sum them up to something much higher than what they will pay for this offer, today.

Mistake #2: Lowering Price As Your Answer To Their Price Objection

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Do not drop prices

Thinking that Lowering the Price will be the answer to your prospects’ money objection! Know the value of what you are selling and do not drop down the price the moment they start complaining about the cost.
Remind them, Show them and prove to them why your product is far more valuable than what they are paying for it.
Remember that people buy things when they believe the value of what they are buying is higher than what they are paying for. Invest your time to learn how to create that perception in your prospects.
Show them how your solution is helping them get rid of their pain point, cut costs, improve their business, uplift their lives …


But whatever you do, DO NOT BACK DOWN from your offer!

Fatal Mistake #4: Not Setting Expectations Upfront

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Sales PresentationThere are no accidental sales in the world. You are either selling by putting your 100% into closing the deal, or you are not selling! Make sure your prospects know, up front, that you are not there for chit chat or catching up on the recent games.
You are there with a clear intention: You want to sell your solution to them within this timeframe, and you are there to show them how this solution is going to address their most important pains.
It is OK if the prospects tell you that they are just “browsing” the market for solutions and may not be in a hurry to buy.
That is Fine! Just make sure they are aware of the agenda of this meeting. Be as open and frank with them as you can and show that you know your product and believe in it.
Now that both sides know very well why you are there, the presentation would be take more seriously and it will proceed with better focus and purpose.

Fatal Mistake #5: Forgetting Why You Are There:

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Why You Are ThereMake sure you remember that You are there for the sole intention of SELLING!
Be lively and pay special attention to prospect’s behavior during the presentation:
At any point in your presentation, if you notice that prospects are convinced that what you are presenting is what they are looking for, DO NOT BORE THEM to death by dragging the session further!
During the presentation, when it makes sense, stop and ask the prospects if they have seen enough to agree with you that you are presenting the solution to their address. You can even setup your presentation with checkpoint for that question. If the prospects are happy then take them to the next step.
Also it is important to be aware of prospects status. If you see signs that prospects are ready to buy (directed questions from prospects that point to the next step of sale, prospects showing excitement …) then confirm with them and stop the presentation. You are now done with convincing them! take them to commitment step.
If you are Selling Online and running a live webinar or live video, make sure your prospects see the button or link they need to click on to move to the next step. If it is an Evergreen Webinar (i.e. pre-recorded), then setup the page to show the “Buy” button at a proper timing when you think some prospects may be ready to be taken to the next level.

Fatal Mistake #6: Allowing for a Gap between Presentation and Closing

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - The Gap

It is easy to fall for the ease and comfort of NOT PRESSING your prospects to close the deal! Letting them GO AND THINK ABOUT IT FOT A FEW DAYS is as good as NOT SELLING!
A lot can happen between NOW and when they are expected to GET BACK TO YOU ON THAT, and barely every any of that is in favor of your sales.
Scarcity and Urgency are your two tools to create action in your prospects and if you are confident on your solution then you should not allow a delay between today and a few days later.
Regardless of whether you are Selling Online or InStore, make sure they are aware of the TIME-LIMITED OFFER that they are getting if they act now.
Also make sure you have the COURAGE to STAND BY YOUR OWN WORD and do NOT extend that offer … at least not in this Sale!

Fatal Mistake #7: Not Cooking Their Entire Bunch!

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - The Entire Group

It is probably the most common mistake made by all who try to Sell!
Putting all your focus on the Final Decision Maker and leaving out those who have a say in that Decision is a dangerous mistake from two main angles:
(1) You would lose their BUY-IN as they would not be able to discuss their concerns and get answers to their questions and transfer that uncertainty to the Decision maker.
(2) Their EGO may be injured by the fact that they are being excluded from the conversation and that would never end up well when it come to Closing!
To avoid both, you would need to identify who are positioned in the presentation session and what is their roles in that conversation and make sure they get their EGOs massaged and their QUESTIONs answered and when it come to decision making, they have turned into fans of your product to the level that they may even initiate their own internal persuasion to convince the Decision Maker to step forward.


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