To Succeed In Sales You Should Stop Trying To Sell


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To Become Successful in Sales (Online or In-Person) You Should Detach Yourself from Expectation of Sales

As Crazy or Confusing this may sound, detaching yourself from any expectations of sales is a winning card in your sleeve when it comes to selling in the currently falling sales numbers!

As you have read in my previous posts, in order to buy from you, prospects must see you as a “Trusted Advisor” in your market.
At no point in the Selling process, they should not feel that you are “Just another Seller”, as this would quickly build up Sales Pressure in them and they would fall back into their Rejection Process.
If you are Selling Online, they would simply start deleting the unopened copies of your emails in their inbox (an act that would not be favored by email servers and if your emails get deleted unopened by too many people, you may get tagged as a “Spammer” and your email would no longer make it to their inboxes!).
If you are Selling In-Person (either over the Phone or Face to Face), they will use Withdrawal tactics; They would ask to leave a brochure or late send it in the mails and that “they will be in touch with you in a few weeks” and of course that is the last time you get to talk to them over the phone. They may even ask you to call them next week, and simply don’t answer your calls until you give up.
In order to avoid that, your mindset should be “Detached” from assumption of Sales and instead be focused on becoming their “Trusted Advisor”.
This will happen through finding out about their Top Problems and figuring out How they are being Hurt by those Problems (at personal life or business).
Now if you are selling Online, you will need to complete a Customer Avatar practice to identify your target audience, their generic top issues and fine tuning your solution to cover that focus area.
If you are selling In-Person, you will need to ask a set of questions to fish out your prospects hot issues and get them to elaborate further on them and then present your advice as an authority.

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