Why have the new Online Selling Methods started to Fail?



Why the new era’s Selling approaches commonly used  (Online or In-Store) are troubled with continued decline in closing sales and their profits are falling?

And why my formula has been producing constant Sales Revenue Growth?

Quick Answer:

Copycats are killing the profit margins for those technics, while The Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales formula turns You into Your unique magnetic sales machine, and No One can become You to Copy that from you!

The aftermath of 2008, left us with a badly hurt and severely shaken population that would no longer take anyone’s word at “Face Value”. 
Governments, Banks, Investment Funds, Mortgage Brokers and pretty much everyone who had Sold them something over the past few years had seriously betrayed their “Trust”.
They were robbed of their right to have a secure future!

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Age of Distrust

This marked the beginning of the “New Age of Distrust”

Prospects developed a self protection mental mechanism of “Distrust” as their first reaction to anything, which made it extremely difficult for Sales people and whoever starting a business to develop their sales revenue.
For a while Nothing seems to work. Then gradually, and through numerous “Trial & Error” by the New Era “Gurus” of Sales, a Semi-Random collection of “What Works” was found and put together as the new method of sales.
I call them Semi-Random as No One – Not even The Gurus of Online Sales – have a full understanding of why they happened to work (at least for the while that they did work).

Dr Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Question

The new bag of these Semi-Random tricks of “What Works” benefited from the fast growth of Online world and the introduction of the new “Always Online” lifestyle, thanks to the development of Smart Phone.
Now the Semi-Random set of “What Works” could be practiced 24/7 on all the population several times a day as the message would find its way to the prospects wherever they were.
These “Gurus” started seeing some good success in Selling (Content marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Home Business …) and even Drop-ship Selling and promoting in-store goods received a boost in Sales.

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Gurus

Then the same Pre-2008 old friend showed up at the door: “Greed”

Now the “Gurus” decided it would be a good idea to start teaching the bag of Semi-Random tricks of “What Works” to the large number of desperate Home Business starters and troubled Sales people online and “Double Dip” into that bowl of Cash!
They started charging a few $Thousands and then when competition get tougher they dropped their prices and anyone who would be willing to spend a few $Hundreds could learn and practice the “Same tricks” on the prospects.
Some of the first few waves of students actually made sales, and some of them became the 2nd generation of “Gurus” and they joined the teaching frenzy of “What Works” to more people.

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Copy Cats

These 1000s of Copy Cats have overdosed and desensitized the Prospects with those same tricks of sales (aka “What Works”) over and over again.

Their continued abuse of those technics, and over-repeating the same Context (Copy), Email title, Advertising approach, Pattern Interruption NLP tricks has created a fast developing “Resistance” in the Prospects. 
Now if you are familiar with Sales terminology, you know that “Resistance” is the death sentence for Sales. This is the point at which you have lost the prospect.
Every item in the bag of tricks of “What [Used To!] Work” is now Seen and Experienced repeatedly by the Prospects.
Prospects, have started to Subconsciously Ignore those tricks and even worse: They have started hating them!
An email inbox on average receives over 150 emails a day. Many of those emails are now coming from Copy Cats along with the “Gurus”, and mostly saying the same thing, exactly the same way!
The Online market sales revenue has fallen to the level that now about

97% of Home Businesses make less than $10 a week!

It has become very difficult for any seller in the market to initiate a new line of business and develop sales. The well established businesses are also facing a growing challenge with tight price competitions and declining sales.

Enter the Magnetic Seller

Dr. Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - The Magnetic Seller

To get a better picture on how The Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula has brought my business a steady growth trail of over 125% each year and most of my students have passed 100% growth after practicing the formula, we should pay attention to the most important factor of selling anywhere (Online, over the phone or face to face):

Dr Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - TRUST

The same factor that was ruined in 2008 and was temporarily and rather Randomly replicated through the bag of tricks of “What [Used To] Work” before it started the downhill of losing Prospects as of 2 years ago.
Prospects do not buy from a company. They follow and buy from the Person who they recognize as the “Authority” on that subject. That “Authority” will create a sense of “Trust” to what that person represents.
The bag of tricks of “What [Used To] Work” was based a set of mental tricks – infused by NLP (Neurological Language Programming) to get prospects to mistake someone as “Authority” and t create a [fake] feeling of “Trust” towards the Seller.
The repeating of the same mental tricks started to question the “Authority” of the first wave of magicians of those technics, and rejection of new practitioners.
Dr Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Customer Rejecting
The Secret Sauce in Creation of the Magnetic Sales is to turn You into Your Own Unique Picture of “Authority” they are looking for, and they are going to “TRUST”
The Uniqueness of You (as You) sits at the Core of building the the Unique “Authority” out of You that cannot be copied by anyone else.
In The Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula the focus is moved away from copying an exact set of pre-written plays and magic acts, wordings, emails, videos and ad titles, towards establishing a Magnetic Charisma in Your Sales behavior, and How You Talk, Walk, Question, Resound, Investigate, Advise and Become the Trustee to your Prospects.

Dr Adam Kamran - Top 6 Figure Magnetic Sales Formula - Customer Approval

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